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  •       /*
          * account.create()
          * create a new account and stripe customer
          * process the payment and create a new recurring monthly subscription
          exports.create = async function(req, res){
            const signup = req.body;
            let stripeData = {};
            // check if the account already exists
            const exists = await account.get(null,;
            if (exists)
              throw ({ inputError: "email", message: "You're already registered" });
            // create a stripe customer and subscribe them to a plan
            stripeData.customer = await stripe.customer.create(, signup.source);
            stripeData.subscription = await stripe.customer.subscribe(, signup.plan);
            // create the account and user
            const accountId = await account.create(signup, stripeData);
            const userId = await user.create(,, signup.password, accountId, "owner");
            // send welcome email
            mail.send(, "Welcome to Gravity!", "welcome-account", {
              name:, plan: signup.plan, price: stripeData.subscription.price
            // autheticate user
            authController.signin(req, res);
  •       /*
          * verify the api token
          exports.verify = function(permission){
            return async function(req, res, next){
              try {
                const token = req.headers['authorization'];
                if (!token) throw new Error();
                 // decode the json token
                let bearer = token.split(" ");
                const decode = jwt.verify(bearer[1], settings.token.secret);
                // verify user
                if (decode.accountId && decode.userId && decode.permission){
                  // now verify the permission
                  const userPermissions = getPermission(req);
                  if (userPermissions[permission]){
                    req.account = decode.accountId;
                    req.user = decode.userId;
                    throw new Error();
                  throw new Error();
              catch (err){
                res.status(401).send({ message: "You do not have permission to perform this action. Please try logging in again" });

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As a founder and startup mentor, I've watched an endless number of businesses blowing huge budgets and wasting weeks of time creating standard features like login forms and billing.

I created a Node.js SaaS boilerplate to help developers and businesses to slash development costs and build products faster, empowering them to focus on building features that truly matter – the ones that generate revenue.

For a small fee, you'll have a market-ready web application that will save you weeks of time and thousands of dollars in in software development.

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